Inspiring the Shopper


2017-18 retail catalog for The Fun Shops, Carnival Cruise Line. Click image to see custom versions for Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises (multilingual), Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International.

Starboard Cruise Services is the premier provider of onboard retail programs for leading cruise lines, serving a global market from Asia to the Caribbean.  As editor of the marketing department, I manage the creation of editorial content for catalogs, brochures, video programming and other promotional material.

In recent  years, Starboard has been evolving cruise retail to make onboard shopping broader and deeper than the traditional transaction. We present brands and products as mementos of the cruise, with “retail-tainment” events that become memories themselves. We use storytelling techniques to engage the guest and present shopping as an act of discovery, exploration and indulgence. (“Treat yourself!”)


Sunglasses opener in 2015-16 retail catalog, Royal Caribbean International. Click image to enlarge and read copy.

Catalogs for the onboard stores emulate those of land-based retailers, with magazine-style features that inspire the shopper rather than take a hard-sell approach.

Marketing material is carefully crafted to speak with the unique brand voice of each cruise line. Thus, where copy is fun and breezy for Carnival Cruise Line, it’s a bit more sophisticated for Celebrity Cruises (but can still be playful). Royal Caribbean International‘s copy takes an adventurous tone in keeping with the cruise line’s campaign, while Holland America Line‘s content is all about discovery and exploration for the “globetrotting learner” that Holland America pictures when


Scotch feature in 2015-16 catalog for Royal Caribbean International. Click image to enlarge and read copy.

addressing its audience. The message for Norwegian Cruise Line echoes Norwegian’s “freestyle” attitude. For Costa Cruises, we create multilingual copy (English, Italian, French and German) to reach this diverse market.

The result is that  guests receive a unique message tailored for their interests — and we hope they’ll spend more time with our catalogs.